The Cellist Of Sarajevo by Steven Galloway


The Cellist Of Sarajevo by Steven Galloway

The Cellist Of Sarajevo's book cover

The Cellist Of Sarajevo, a novel written by Steven Galloway, is a fictional depiction of the Siege of Sarajevo, through the perspectives of three, main and distinct characters, with three distinct  roles and objectives. The first main character, Arrow, is a female sniper with remarkable accuracy. Unlike the Bosnian snipers, she does not kill civilians, only enemy hostiles. The second character, Kenan, is a man who risks his life to get water for his family and his neighbour, every five days. The last main character,  Dragan, is a man whose family has left Sarajevo, but decides to stay anyway. Although the book’s title gives the reader the impression that one of the main characters will be the cellist,he is merely included in  the story for symbolic meaning. He symbolises courage, through playing his Adagio in the open street, in which he is vulnerable, and his music brings a sense of hope to all its listeners.  The novel is a perfect bridge between real historical events and fictions, being based on a real event, and being a work of fiction.


The Cellist Of Sarajevo was a prodigious read, with in-depth descriptions. It was this description that made me picture myself in the actual scenarios throughout the novel. Having three different perspectives on one issue or event, which in this case was the siege of Sarajevo, can help a reader understand a concept in a much wider sense. The novel began with a slow pace, which developed at a fast rate throughout the plot, until the climax. I enjoyed every single page of this book, as I take interest with Historical-Fiction books, especially those based on war or conspiracy. Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone with a particular interest in historical events in a fictional representation.

This is a short clip of the Author, Steven Galloway, talking about The Cellist Of Sarajevo.

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